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The Advanced Hybrid Protection for Your Galaxy S10 2019
Galaxy S10 Clarium case brings out the beauty of your phone while ensuring that your phone stays protected. A simple yet elegant design for those looking for a minimal look.

Minimalistic Design
Simple and sleek design with a full transparent body and choice of colored frame enhances the natural elegance of your phone.

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  • The Cases are the best I have ever had. I like the slim profile, the fit, and that it is clear, and it's less that $10.00. I used to purchase a specific color phone, then cover it with a black case. So when I was looking for a clear case to show off the color, I chose the Trianium Clarium. I am a returning customer with this being my third Trianium Clarium Case for Galaxy phones (S8, S9, and now the S10). If you want a slim, but protective case that is clear, this is the one for you. By Betty from US

    Gigibon is a lifesaver! It saves me time sourcing products and helps fulfill orders for me. By Riley Powel from UK

    The most crucial supplier for an dropshipping seller in today's competitive landscape - a must have! We just had our first order with Terry, and we were blown away! Gigibon gives you so much power. Where to start, and what to do next? The customer success team gave concise, actionable feedback and put our team at ease. We came away with a clear action plan to execute on. I highly recommend the seller. By Kevin Pasco from France

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    We've veen hitting 100% sales increase since we worked with Gigigon. Its FBG service is amazing, which was previously unheard of for us. By Dana Jaunzemis from Canada

  • I started using Gigibon for my wholesale business, but then discovered that it's more than wholeselling. It always offers up-to-dated cases and tempered glass. I decided to start e-commerce business, then I knew I could rely on its FBG service. Great seller. By Steve C from Germany

    Superb!! From the very first time I signed up with Gigibon, it's been and continues to be an amazing and impressive supplier!! Low MOQ, up-to-dated cases, reasonable prices, FBG and more a lot easier, tangible and visible! And when you top this off with customer support that should probably win an award, you know you have a first-class service. By Ade from Russia

    As my drop-shipping business continued to grow, I found myself spending way too much time collecting data from various reports and websites. As my sales grew and my products multiplied, I was going crazy trying to make sense of it all. I came across Gigibon, and found it amazing for my growing business. I could now fowward my order information to their team, and they will take care of ordres within 24 hours. It saves me much time and labor. Now that I’m a few months in, I couldn’t imagine running my business without Gigibon. By Joey S. from AU.

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    I was lucky enough to hear about Gigibon in early 2017. When it was first launched I heard good things, but now it is even better! By Eric from France

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