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About Us

  What we do
  Yinglan is one supply chain company dedicated to cell phone/tablet accessories and repair parts.  Gigibon is our registered brand. We manufacture and wholesale:
*screen protectors
*repair parts
*other products.

 What we target
  Yinglan endeavors to maximize wholesalers’, distributors’ and e-commerce sellers’ profits.  After years’ development, we manage to set up efficient supply chains, allowing us to pass on profit margins to customers. Due to close cooperation with various factories and shipping carriers, we always release up-to-dated products which customers will obtain at the earliest time. We already build up connections with customers from North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and other areas.  They wholesale, distribute or retail our cell phone accessories across the world.

What we create
In order to meet e-commerce sellers requirements, we innovatively introduce FBG cooperation mode. FBG stands for fulfill by Gigibon, that is, you focus on selling only, while we take care of the rest of work (warehousing, sorting, packing, shipping,etc). This mode greatly benefits e-commerce sellers (saving their time, money and efficiency). Contact us for more details.

 Join us and make fortune
Our efforts to supply customers with products for the most effective and affordable means are made and being made. Join our selling networks and grow your fortune now!

About FBG

In order to meet e-commercial sellers’ requirements, we innovatively work out a new cooperation solution, FBG.

1. What is FBG?
FBG stands for Fulfilled by Gigibon.
Customers cooperate with us under FBG terms, let us call them FBG sellers.

2. What does FBG mean?
FBG is one creative project, that is, FBG sellers purchase products at wholesale prices from us, and sell through their channels (like Ebay, Amazon, Wish, Newegg…), while we take care of warehousing, sorting, packing, shipping (dropshipping) and after-sales service. Learn more about FBG.

3. What benefits does FBG bring to FBG sellers?
Under FBG terms, FBG sellers only need focus on sales.
A. They don’t need warehouses, sorting/packing staff.
B.  They don’t have to pay for bulk shipping. Only when they receive orders and instruct us to fulfill their orders, we dropship products accordingly (Mailing fee is paid by FBG sellers).
C. We take care of after-sales service like product problems, shipping problems. But we don’t contact with FBG sellers’ customers.

4. If FBG sellers have overstock products, how should we deal with the stock?
If FBG sellers don’t want to sell any more or can’t sell at their end, we can introduce their stock to our other customers (commission-free). According to our experience, 72% of overstock can be cleared within 9 days at their original wholesale prices, about 26% can be cleared within 16 days at decreasing prices.

5. When FBG sellers receive complaints and returns from their customers, who will be responsible?
If complaints and returns are about product quality and shipping, we are responsible. If refund is needed, we will reimburse FBG sellers on the base of our selling prices.

6. What kind of people does FBG fit?
The project is especially good for e-commerce sellers/startup business.

7. Example
Joe is one grade-2 student at City University of New York (CUNY). He sells cell phone cases in Ebay during his spare time. He cooperates with us under FBG terms. In late Oct 2018, he bought 200 pieces of iphone 8 clear cases (total value: $95, price: $0.48/unit). In Nov 2018, he began receiving orders from different areas and nations. He gave order details to us, then we shipped these orders accordingly (Mailing fees are paid by Joe through Paypal). By early Dec, Joe already sold 178 pieces, but he only spent about 0.5-1 hour in front of his computer to handle business issues everyday, no need of warehousing/ packing/ workers/etc. We take care of his orders and after-sales service. In the middle of Dec, he was busy with his courses, and stopped selling, then instructed us to clear his stock. Within 4 days, we successfully found the other customer Tommy who needed the same Iphone 8 cases. After that, we sent Joe the money $10.5 (that is, (200-178)*0.48).

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