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Difference Between The Power Bank And Portable Charger

Both the terms “power bank” and “portable charger” refer to the same class of devices and generally can be used interchangeably. Both the device is pocket-sized battery packs, created to charge small electronic devices. Like a portable battery charger for a car, a portable charger is a kind of power bank that is designed to charge several things. From the cellular phone to the earphone Bluetooth devices, they can charge portable chargers and power bank charge easily. Usually, people from portable power bank charger wholesale for long term use for traveling. There are battery packs available in all sizes and shapes, smaller sizes are for an associate in smartphone boost in the pocket and larger sizes are for multiple charges or to charge big devices like tablets.

Both are the same things, as both the terms refer to the pocket-sized battery packs. They are manufactured to charge small electronic devices like cell phones. People believe that a portable charger is one of the types of power bank that is designed to charge different things. A power bank is a large set of batteries that store electricity to charge your gadget when you need it.

Size and capacity:

Simply, the bigger the battery, the higher the capacity and high quality of ports. People generally refer to a portable charger to a somewhat wider group of products. For instance, power banks are portable power generators or portable car battery chargers. Power banks are more compact and lightweight.

The difference according to the dictionary:

These two terms belong to the new English language and have not yet been standardized. According to the Macmillan dictionary, the power bank is a rechargeable portable device containing electricity that is used to transfer it to devices. Simply the definition says that power banks are used to transfer power to a wide range of devices. For instance, Bluetooth headphones, gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch, laptops, smartwatches, etc. are all devices types that can be charged by using a power bank. Power bank or portable chargers, both terms are synonyms and included in the dictionary as standalone terms.

Which term is more popular?

When it comes to the popularity of the two terms “power bank” and “portable charger”, usually go for google trending to know the word popularity. The google trends which showcases the number of searches of terms get within each region. According to an analysis of searches from 2017 to 2019, the team “power bank” is comparatively more popular than the term “portable charger” worldwide. According to the search analysis in the US, the graph chat of these terms popularity, the result shows that both terms have almost equal popularity.

More alternative terms:

These two terms are very common. There are many more variations and synonyms use by people to refer to the same device. Some examples are:

  • Battery bank
  • Battery pack
  • External battery
  • External charger
  • Portable battery

These are some terms that mean the same and refer to the same class of products. But when it comes to the popularity term power bank win the popularity race.

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