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The Life Span Of A Power Bank – How Long Does It Last?

No matter what kind of digital product you are using, surely always concern about how long it lasts. In the case of the power bank, the working life is the reflection of the product quality. It can be dangerous if you use the upper limit of power bank usage life accidentally.

A regular power bank life:

The average life of regular power bank is near 3 years across all brands of portable chargers. The biggest component that has a great impact on the working life of the battery is the battery cell. The battery cell of the power bank is usually polymer or 13650. Most of the battery charge-discharge cycle instructions on the wholesale portable cell phone charger are about 500 times and some are about 800-900 times. Every discharge and full charge of the portable charger have a certain loos to the battery life. Take the capacity of charging of 500 times charge-recharge. For instance, if the portable charger is charged after every two days, it can be easily be used for 1000 days approx., which means about 3 years.

Another component that affects the working life of power bank is its capacity. It means the larger the capacity, the more power can provide to meet the demand of the devices. Always remember that the fewer charge-discharge time power bank needs, so the longer it may last.

What to buy?

If you buy an honest good-quality power bank and you also pay more attention to its maintenance, you can easily use it for more than two to three years. Unfortunately, any type of power bank without its quality assurance can go wrong at any time. So, you should buy a power bank which has quality assurance and buy from a company of good reputation.

Guideline to extend the durability of the power bank:

  • Discharge to 0%:

Discharging the power bank to 0% all the time damages and degrades the battery span, especially when it is lithium-based. Whenever a 50%ofthe battery has been used, this is the good practice to charge the device.

  • Avoid using power bank in the bag:

It is a bad idea to use the power bank to power up your smartphone while it is in the bag. As it prevents the heat in devices from dispersing properly. As a result, all the extra heat can damage the power bank and smartphone both. So, it is better to use open ventilation areas.

  • Extreme heat or cold:

Usually, electronic devices slow down or crash when they are overheated. This is a similar case with the power bank. When you use the power bank in extremely hot or cold temperatures, it damages the battery cell. So, you must use where the temperatures are not too high or too low to ensure the portable chargers last for a long time.

  • Use with compatible devices:

An average of standard power banks is 3.7V and the current it uses is 1A or 2A. The 1A output is proposed to be used for smartphones charging. The 2A port is used for a quicker charge. The 2A output port can damage power banks and smartphones.

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