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Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Posted on: April 7th, 2019

Protect your screen from scratch,scuff,damage.A essential thing for your Samsung.

This kind of screen protector is 99% High Definition Clarity, 99% light transmittance, keeps the bright and colorful image quality.

Install Tips:
  First, you should use the wet and dry wipe we provided to make the screen clean, ensure no other things left such as dust, air.
If not, the adhesive and the response sensitivity will be not so good.
  Second, DON’T press it if you haven’t aimed at your device totally, specially the position of screen, both top and bottom.
The glue is so strong, if you finished it but tear it up or try it over twice, the adhesive will be not so good.
What’s worse, it will cause a crack due to the strong glue, because it is hard to be torn up.
  Finally, once you have installed it, press the edge of the screen protector gently, let it to be adhere to the screen completely.

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